Advanced and Urban Air Mobility

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A unique, global country-by-country, city-by-city guide to AAM/UAM programmes and routes



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Updates since May 2024:
23 Country profiles
78 City/region programmes

Introducing the Global Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility Market Map

Country-by-country, city-by-city, the Global AAM/UAM Market Map lists the routes, the route-lengths, the key industry players from eVTOL and vertiport manufacturers to local authority partners, the programmes which are clearly defined and funded, to speculative, over-the horizon opportunities.

We identify and describe them all, providing you with a unique guide to the industry players, the customers and the key programmes and upcoming opportunities which will accelerate your business.

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Latest global AAM/UAM News

The latest headlines from around the world. For more in-depth reporting, read our global insights

Local knowledge, global understanding

Our global team of industry experts has been constantly monitoring advances in AAM/UAM programmes worldwide since the industry’s inception – from vertiport design, eVTOL operations and planning  through to regulatory advances.

Under the leadership of and’s editorial director Philip Butterworth-Hayes we have built a global network of AAM/UAM experts in emerging market locations such as Africa and central America alongside more widely-publicised markets of Korea, Japan, Europe, North America and China.

How to subscribe to The Global AAM/UAM Marketing Map

The Global AAM/UAM Market Map is the perfect resource for industry professionals at every level seeking to identify market opportunities or track the progress of AAM/UAM market maturity throughout the world.

The standard level of subscription is the ‘Annual’ subscription. This gives access to the full database and constantly updated Masterfile – a download version of the database (Word and PDF).

We also offer ‘Snapshot’ – which gives access for seven days. You can use the complete online directory and download the complete Masterfile.

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A unique, up-to-date overview of AAM/UAM regulations, standards, concepts-of-operation and roadmaps being developed around the world. Plus relevant commentary on the different approaches taken by national aviation safety organisations.

The Guide costs just £420.00, which includes an annual subscription of all industry and authority updates.

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